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InnovativeV’s Azure Managed Service

At InnovativeV we believe that Microsoft Azure offers unparalleled hybrid and public cloud capabilities, with the most comprehensive AI (artificial intelligence) services, as well as the largest number of data centre regions worldwide. For any business looking to refresh its IT infrastructure, we believe that Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform of choice for delivering modern business IT solutions.

We’ve, therefore, developed a range of services to help businesses deliver better business outcomes by taking advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform – including Identity & Access Management, Infrastructure Modernisation, Cloud Desktop and Cloud Backup – and created the InnovativeV Azure Managed Service to provide comprehensive ongoing solution support and peace of mind.



Our team of cloud support engineers will receive and respond to alerts from the monitoring systems configured on your cloud infrastructure.

Monitoring can be implemented at the cloud infrastructure layer, operating system, database, as well as for specific line of business applications running within the solution

Two service levels are available with alert monitoring

  •   On receipt of an alert, our team will refer the incident to your in-house IT team for resolution
  •  Or the incident will be handled by our team on your behalf, with appropriate support escalation to Microsoft as required

Quality of service

Utilising cloud-powered monitoring and analytics, the InnovativeV’sAzure Managed Service helps optimise the quality of service from your cloud infrastructure

Examples of service options include the delivery of

  •  Performance checks and alerts
  •  Security monitoring
  •  Network performance monitoring
  •  Mobile device monitoring
  •  Cost optimisation automation

Solution Backup

Every organisation running infrastructure in the cloud needs to be able to backup and restore data/platforms as required.

The InnovativeV’sAzure Managed Service can also provide for backup configuration, management and monitoring.

Service Managment

A member of our team will meet with you on a monthly basis – through online meetings, via telephone, or in-person

to discuss recommendations and issues, and will help plan any changes to your service required as a result.

Security and Patch managment

Taking a pro-active approach, our team will assess your platform update and patch requirements, and – at a time to suit you – orchestrate their installation. Management options include.

  •  Automation of the installation of the patch/update
  •  Availability of customisable policies and scheduling – you choose when patches are installed, for example
  •  Patch roll-back – if there’s a problem, we’ll help to fix it

Our team will also ensure that your platform is protected against known viruses, and catch/detect and remediate against new, hard-to detect malware threats. This includes provision of

  •  Extensive signature-based scanning
  •  Heuristic checks
  •  Active, real-time protection and behavioural scanning
  •  Powerful customisation – to cater, for example, for customer-specific practices/technology

Service Description

The InnovativeV’s Azure Managed Service is designed to help organisations maximise the business outcomes of moving their IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure by providing the following

  •   Advanced monitoring and management - to keep the solution secure, available and high-performing
  •   Orchestrated platform maintenance - includes patching and updates to keep your platform secure and compliant
  •   Performance troubleshooting - we will identify performance problems and remediate on your behalf
  •   Reactive support - our cloud experts are on hand to answer queries about your cloud-based IT solutions
  •   Recommendation implementation - we will remediate on recommendations on your behalf
  •   Service management - incorporating monthly platform reporting and recommendations, we provide a comprehensive availability, security, and performance report with appropriate improvement recommendations and remediation scheduling

InnovativeV’s Azure Managed Service Plans

For all service options, we will provide support based on a prescribed list of Azure resources. These will be defined at the start of the contract, and the service cost will cover support for that list of resources.

New service requirements will need to be added to the list and configured within Vuzion’s monitoring systems before support for any new requirements can commence.

Reactive Support

Our team of cloud experts is available 24*7 to answer queries about your cloud platform – questions, for example, which could relate to

  •  Azure Portal access
  •  Best practice configuration for Azure service components
  •  Azure resource management/configuration
  •  Operating system and database level advice/customisation
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